little things


Datang dengan semangat dan azam yang baru
Ingin menggapai mimpi di kalbu
Segala rintangan yang dilalu
Terasa kecil dibanding impian terbuku
Terus mengharung dengan senyum seribu

Langkah tetap diterus jua
Meski dirasa makin bertambah diduga
Satu demi satu ujian menimpa, menguji jiwa
Impian masih teguh terpacak di dada
 namun diri ini masih manusia

Mimpi terasa seakan memang , mimpi
Jauh, sukar digapai, hanya sekadar mimpi
Yang entah bila entah boleh dikecapi
Yang difikir hanya sekadar permainan fantasi dan emosi

Kuning pun datang menjelma
Menyinar terang dan ceria
Memutihkan yang asalnya kelabu
Mutasi di depan mata berlaku
Melihatnya dirasakan tidak mustahil, untuk aku
 untuk menggapai yang selama ini diidam kalbu
Dengan azam dan usaha yang jitu
Tiada yang mustahil dengan pertolonganMu



who would have thought one day could be entirely different from the day before? or the day after?
or even, who knows of what is going to happen right after this?
*me, and no-need-to-be-asked-questions. :3
But then again, there's no such thing as a stupid question, is there? It all depends on us back, whether we deem it important, or the other way around. or even something else entirely different.

Counting, is a thing for the preliminary kids to learn
1 , 2, 3, and the list goes on. (usually they stop till 10 or 20 for kindergarteners, heheh). People grow up, and  it has become so, easy *snaps fingers*. Why, we don't even need to think of what comes next after 465,897. It just comes naturally, almost like a reflex action. Immediate. Precise. *like a boss*
And we use it till this very day, in mathematics, buying groceries, paying prepaids, broadband, etc etc.
And has since become useful in our daily lives

----------Flashback in kindergarten---------

counting with fingers showing four, up a finger one by one. 
 "one, two, three, seven.."
teacher just looked at smiled patiently, correcting again and again till counted correctly. never rage blurted out from her. only patience, lovingness, and care emitted from her.
one fine day,
 "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten" and looked up to teacher
smile with proud
beamed triumphantly


And all of us has gain benefit, greatly.
Yet we seldom appreciate what comes easy to us. What was once so hard to do, finally gained, arms flung triumphantly in success. Then, as time pass by, we forgot of all the effort we had to put in order to have what we have now. Hey, we're human kan?

Dude, not. an excuse.

People say that the past is a great teacher. It teaches you a lot, from your mistakes, your experiences, anything that you can learn from it. Sometimes we get it right away, bullseye. Sometimes we don't see it straight from the start. Have to go a little bit further, just a little bit more, before seeing the connection of it all.

And the future is just as important. Looking ahead. But still having a firm stand on the now. Planning, and doing all in a fair share of amount. At the same time, not losing grip of your origins, your beliefs.

surely it wouldn't be easy. just as how counting wasn't. but if we took the time, to appreciate, to remember, to keep track of ourselves. little by little, small steps taken, one by one. we'll get used to it.
it'll be okay.
because in the end, the important thing is that, we TRY, and TRY, and TRY.
*and pray to HIM without exception*

Counting, is a thing for the preliminary kids to learn
               and for all to learn of it

may HE ease all.

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