funny (read: irony)

funny how the littlest thing can tuck our hearts,
     and even the slightest change, was noticeable.

funny how when we start to pay attention to something,
     suddenly we notice its everywhere

funny how everyone thinks they're all alone facing their problems
     and all the others feel the exact same way, without even knowing that others feel the same too

funny that the most heart-plucking things,
      are always repeated by the songs, the movies, the dramas, the blogs and all around us
        plucking our hearts all the more

funny how with just one dream, and sheer determination and effort
      it could all become true right infront of our eyes

funny when we're all enjoying our lives, facebook-ing and tweet-ing away,
      that on the other side of the world, someone our age is actually fighting to stay alive

funny how we're all bombarded by all these information,
      enough for us to actually do something,
         all we did was just post something on our facebook wall, or a tweet

funny how when we want something,
       and we finally achieved it, that's it.
          nothing else, nothing less, nothing more

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