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semerbak. bau vanila tumpah merebak ke seluruh ruang.
kaki cepat diatur menurun tangga melihat insiden yang sedang panas ini
*telan air lioqq
tersergam indah nan purnama. comel. mulus.
dan sedap di rongga juga

just finished baking some 'cream puffs' which at first thought looked quite simple. but boy was i wrongg hoho. there's more than meets the eye you know. ;)
Thankfully, eventhough it was a 50-50, a few things popped out, learnt a few things and all is good. and im still breathing alhamdulillah
so just thought of sharing a few views learnt the hard way that i picked up along the way.

Lessons in Baking :

1. Patience is a virtue. If you just wait, just a little bit longer, it could have made all the difference.
Rise; or not to rise. Golden brown, or just yellowish. A simple matter of wait or not to.
*and also being alert at ALL times

2. Guidelines or instructions, are there for a reason. They're made by experts and people with more experience for goodness sake (a lot more than you definitely -.-). Want to be creative? Daring? Artistic?
Be my guest. But one must learn to walk before they could run *doublegulpp o.o

3. Do not panic and keep your cool. If you just keep fidgeting and twitching and sweating all so much, surellyyy it would contribute some good now huhh? *shrieking in anxiety

it's actually a very good advice. and it works.

4. MOM knows best.
Tak perlu nak bajet rasa independent sangatla kann walhal baru tengah bertatih-tatih merangkak tengok dunia sikit duk nganga.
On the other hand, keep your feet at the ground, and your heart close to home. Family always come first, one way or the other. <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
5. It's not the end of the world. A cake toasted big deall. Some custard turnt out flaky OMG.
There will always be a next time *if HE wills*. so learn from mistakes, and keep looking ahead. positive we shall stay. Chin up, shoulders out B)

Till another cupcake, or cake, or anything same-ish

and oh yeah, watched an amazaiyn movie. "PAY IT FORWARD"
lovely message, and beautiful how with an idea, and a little bit of action, it could actually do some good.
what's even more endearing is the kid had such immense faith in the good of people, no matter how bad, messed up or screwed they might seem to be. he helped a drug addict, alcoholic, a people living in the street.
and it was all just by doing small deeds. by actually caring, and lending a hand when no one else seems to care.
"I guess it's hard for people who are so used to things the way they are - even if they're bad - to change. 'Cause they kind of give up. And when they do, everybody kind of loses. "
 and without realizing it, he's changing himself too. becoming braver and more confident.

making me to keep in mind to keep on being positive and always seize opportunity, for change, and for the better.
to a brand new year, and a revamped me

Till then, may peace be upon you

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