shades, on.



when you think of one, you see the sun, bright. a perfect day. spending time with family, friends, your loved ones. beautiful, breath-taking sight. doing just everything in a good mood. a happy mood. 
just having a good time with the ones you loved.
just having the greatest time. 

But, nothing is ever as expected.

sometimes, you want just 'the' PERFECT holiday, you put such high standards on it. and after it, you start complaining about stuff, that weren't satisfying to you. 

"why is the tour guide sooo boringg. can't he be more serious? that guys, like, have no sense of humour in hi. urggghhh"

"this food... i miss nasi goreng pattaya, i miss simple old milo ais. why do they have to make everything so dang complicated? it was all a bit spicy, yeah..."

"are they staring at us? OMG. who do they think they are? i'm boosting their economy and this is how they treat us? fine then. fine. we'll see how your economy goes when i don't go here anymore!" *storms off, stomping in anger*

and you start commenting, criticizing on EVERYTHING that you can see even the slightest mistake in it. 
and in the process, you weren't even enjoying your holiday, which was supposed to be a time off, for relaxation, without even you yourself realizing it.

sad, brutal fact.

and when you return back to your routine normal daily life, you didn't even had a rest, a good time, which you so highly anticipated during your holidays. making it all the more restless.

according to Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, there's this idea called "Circle of Concern and Circle of Influence" 
Circle of Concern is where you are concerned about these things, these issues in which you have no power of.
Circle of Influence on the other hand is where you actually have the POWER to influence the things you do.
and so, Covey said that successful people focused their energy MORE in the circle of influence, where they can control, or predict, the outcome of their actions. 

Sometimes , we tend to put such high standards, such great expectations on things that we have no control of. and we keep fussing about it when it's not according to our taste, or does not suit us.
That we tend to forget that we can actually have a good time. be optimistic. see the positive side on things.
And be thankful, that we are with our loved ones.
*an arrow straight to the heart, ouch

Holidays can be what we want them to be.
Even though sometimes the sun isn't shining as brightly and the rain is pouring cats and dogs. 
But the important thing is we are spending time with the most dearest people to us in the world.
and that's all that matters.

just havin' a good time

 *i miss this. it's been so long, my fingers aren't as used dancing as they were before. eheh
 everything takes time, ay?

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