It's been a long time since we've last met. How you've been?

Finally, fresh air.

"Congratulations, you've been accepted"

wow, the looks of eagerness, on each face.
So eagered, excited.
Grown up..

just starting to take a break (?dah ke?) and they come rolling in, one by one... pushing, demanding us to stand up, with our heads high, and take responsibility. or bare the consequences. a huge one. make a decision, with wisdom and faith.

it makes you or breaks you.
and it demands attention, fast

it feels just like yesterday, we were still wide-eyed, innocent with our noses watery. wondered, amazed by every single thing happening around us. making silly jokes. gossiping. now, can time stand still?

u wish.

u learn from experiences, hold on to memories and keep on moving, cause that's life.
it goes on.
u can never erase embarassing stuff, choose another path, hoped you prepared better for something or hope it would be like entirely different...
but u can't

all that have happened. those are the things that makes u, who you are now. it have shaped u, moulded u, and make u grow as a person, from the mistakes, from the people around, from experience.
u are what u are due to what u were and what u did.

no regrets. keep on moving ahead. full speed.


oh ye, sori for the 'merepek'ness. just felt that it needed to be lift off.

p/s: it's been so long, this feels weird.
p/s/s: i miss this.:)

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