any minute now..

Woke up, saw the note. Ouch, my back hurts.
Enough. No time must be wasted. The kids are still sleeping....... 
Let them rest.:)
Scarf. Keys. Bag. Let's go.
Hey look, the sun isn't even up, i'm early today.:))

Veggies, fish, meat, breakfast. anything else on the list?? good. okay now, they're coming early so i gotta prepare. everything done. time to head back home.

She's doing it again. Does she hate me or something? sheesh. never mind, this.is.not.a.good.time.
so much to do, so little time, i have no time worrying about this, they'll be here any minute soon. hope there's many of them. getting the dishes out, nice. it's been so  long since i've use these. .... man, has it been ages...
so. everything's warm and ready, only me. i haven't bathed yet. it'll be jiffy.
done. ain't i'm fast..B)
any minute now.

prayer time?? probably they'll move after finishing up. needs to be warm when they come.
any minute now.

any minute now.

any minute, now.

finally, God bless. :D
it seriously, has been, so long.

how have you've been? ssup?? (?) and the night goes on.

it's that time of year again. is it? can 'that time' be every time? that'd be nice. but then again, everyone has  their own lives, their own dreams to be achieved. their family, friends. their loved ones. some times, times pass by we didn't even notice it flying. it feels shorter.

"Tidak akan berlaku kiamat sehingga masa menjadi singkat, maka setahun dirasakan seperti sebulan dan sebulan dirasakan seperti seminggu dan seminggu dirasakan seperti sehari dan sehari dirasakan seperti satu jam dan satu jam dirasakan seperti satu petikan api". 
(riwayat Tarmizi) 

but then again, if there weren't any 'special event's or 'occasion's like this, sometimes, we don't even realize it.. and we let it slip by...taking it for granted. not the care nor attention deserved.
until it's too late and there's nothing you could do.
 nasi sudah jadi bubur , right?

had it coming, ay?
well, one should not be un-productive and keep being a 'sitting duck'.
"man, these days, it feels sekejap sangat sehari tu.."

so? ur whining gonna make it slower? more suitable for you?? u feel u're the only one feeling like it?
whining, complaining doesn't get us anywhere. just tiresome, doing something that has no effect, yet still having hope.

wake up. stand up. get your act straight, and just do it.
grab that star, it's not really that far, if you're determined and set your mind to it.
grab that person, before it's too late and you'll never have the chance again.
seek oppurtunities.. grab them while you can.
The first step is always the hardest. But it is in your hand.
Your decision. Your road.

if He wills, anything's possible.


happy holidays
eat. drink. be merry.

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