Where Rainbows End..

written by cecelia ahern.. really, really great.. just hate that it happened a little too late, even though in the end they FINALLY end up together (in their sixties to be exact) after a divorce and their children have all grown up.

How do we exactly know that he/she is 'the one'?? Well, in this novel, it says when both of us experienced a silence, a 'dancing-on-air' silence, (first time heard it)
Well, is it destiny or in our own hands..
In Islam, we have to believe in qada' and qadar..
Qada' is Allah's 'ketetapan' on all things since the beginning of time
while Qadar is Allah's actions on all things based on Allah's qada'
There are two types of qada', qada' mubram n qada' mu'allak
Qada' mubram- is constant and does not change
Qada' mu'allak- Allah's 'ketetapan' on all things based on their effort

What I want to know is, is 'jodoh'or true love qada' mubram or qada' mu'allak??
A 'kakak dorm' said her teacher said that 'jodoh' is already written in 'luh mahfuz', meaning it is constant. well how do we found that person meant for us??
A thought occured to me, is there a reason Allah does not tell us in detail about this thing??
Maybe Allah did, I'm just too blind to see it yet,
Maybe Allah wanted to show that the haqiqi love is with Allah, not with human.
If we are so badly want to find 'the one', we might forget our creator, Allah

Cintakan bunga akan layu
Cinta manusia akan mati
Cintakan Allah kekal abadi
Itulah cinta sejati

I guess this true love thingy is in Allah's hand. All we can do is pray, pray, and pray we are 'dijodohkan', with someone who can guide us to Allah's love.. InsyaAllah
Afterall, if we dont meet that 'someone' here, InsyaAllah Allah will make us both meet each other in AlJannah..InsyaAllah.. ^_^

P/S-Still a long way to go...

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