Traditional vs. Modern-aged

Had to clean the house.. sweep the entire house to be exact..
Usually, I'd used the broom, lidi and the 'penyodok'
But coincidentally, my mom bought a new vacuum cleaner, so she advised me to use that instead
Well, no harm in trying new things.. ^^

First time using it..
"Umi, kenapa vacuum ni melekat2 kat carpet?"
It was put on the wrong setting.. hehe...
From that on, it was SO EASY using it..
But, somehow.. I missed using the broom, lidi and 'penyodok'

Broom, lidi and 'penyodok'
when I clean/sweep the house using it,
a sense of satisfaction comes over me..
don't know why........
it's like we see the evil dustbunny being swept and thrown away
and we feel like we did a job well done..
that's just me

Vacuum cleaner
After learning how to use it
It was so fast cleaning the house
didn't even feel tired
and I always felt doubted myself when using this..
"Is is clean enough??"
Since I see nothing,
and all of a sudden, not a speck of dust is seen..
cool huh?

My choice?
I guess I'm an old-traditional kinda girl
I rather use the broom, lidi and 'penyodok'
afterall, I get an exercise while cleaning up the house
maybe because I'm still youngg *syukran ila Allah*
maybe when I'm not that young I'd prefer the vacuum...
Maybe, just maybe..
Who knows?? ^_~

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