Long time no open... Missed writing (not like anyone reads this)
Still, it's for ME and MY PLEASURE ^_^

SO many things going on...
Finished exams.. Planning to go to a camping site..
Postponed, post poned again
Lastly it was cancelled.. for some case...
Well, maybe there's a reason...

Sports was held
No expression can be shown for how great it was
Some 'catfights' happened..
hey, all for the 'sportivitas' ^_~
at least, all gave it all

then there were a theatre room
specially for us girls...
Slumdog Millionaire (chaiwallah go!)
G.I. Joe (screams for DUKE)
We went home contented with the week

then there were choral speaking,
language week, all that
we had a dinner (more-or-so)
So many to tell
Yet can't be expressed
But one thing for sure
I'll always remember it

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