Being in a hostel when you're the only one from your school was trasferred..... is a ... TORTURE...
Wanna know why?
I actually entered the school with a friend of mine, but now... she's changed.
She says that I've changed but in truth, she's the one who changed ALOT.
In my opinion, she is .... complicating & manipulating simple stuf,
in other words.... being a hypocrite.
But it's not good to think such horrible things. So, I think she just wants to stand out.
Yeah.. that's it. She wants her high school life to be more meaningful and awesome
than her primary school life....

But.... what about me??
Why do I feel like lost and empty?
Why do I feel like confused yet I don't care?
Why do I feel like my relationships with friends are meaningless??

I live every single day with a smiling face..
Thinking everything will be okay....
Yet this heart still is feeling troubled..
Too shy to let it out to anyone..
My best friend is in another school...
So missing her......
Whats wrong with me??

I just want to live everyday knowing a
its all going to be allright.
Knowing everything is meaningful
and has purpose..

Sometimes it may doesn't
But I guess it's okay
Everything does happen for a reason..
That I believe..

I guess I need to grow a little
And look at things from a different view
Have a pure & clean heart *hoping*
And never judge people
And know that life is full of choices..
Afterall we only live once... ^^

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