Surprise, Surprise...

Well, I came back home on Wednesday night, due to prepare for the examinations tomorrow evening *nervous*. That night, I didn't even practise, I just watched TV the whole night.

On Wednesday, I was trying to see GPK Hem to get his signature, he was nowhere to be found.
I went to the office during recess, after school, when the teacher's absent. He wasn't at the office!! That evening, I had taekwondo, I was kinda mad for not seeing the teacher that day. Before I went to taekwondo practice, I went to the office but still no luck. After taekwondo, I went to the office, GPK Hem had already went back!!
Luckily, the principal is still there. At first thought, I thought... *Wow, soo angry, just wanted to ask..* But then, she approved my letter to go home!! SYUKUR Alhamdulillah... She also knows my name..*Surprised*
You know, then the discipline teacher joked with me, which she rarely does... *Even more suprised*
You know, I guess it's true,.... Everything happens for a reason, Allah promised that.. We just need to be patient and think about it first before judging anything..
Thank goodness.. ^^

3/4 months later..

I got my examination results..
guess what..??
Alhamdulillah, Thank You Allah!!
I got distinction for a high grade *Totally & utterly suprised*
Syukur, syukur, syukur....
But life goes on
and we must keep improving ourselves to be better...

Sometimes I wonder,
which one is harder...
getting better and better and finally be the best,
or being the best at an early stage and staying there,
or even being the best early yet still improving..
is there such a thing??
if there is..
I salute those who does these thing...
Let's pray that we'll all try our best and keep improving..
because there's always room for improvement,
even when we're the best,
because there is no 'the best', is there???

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