for better or worse


1 Jan 2012..
        a brand new start. resolutions, anyone?

       be it, for the better, or for worse. but change will come, sooner or later.
       is happening all around the world, as we speak.

people are starting to realize their rights, and that they have the power to stand up to their rights. even more powerful is that when it is done together, more and more the impact becomes. beautiful, isn't it?
Egypt. Syria. Libya. and many more.. proof that we have the power to  become what we envisioned.
people are also realizing that they CAN do something, for others, for the needy, for their friends, family, and ultimately, ourselves.

 we just have to, change.
and accept it is going to be different, and go on with life. because life does go on, whether you're coming or not. you know what they say,
change is the only constant in life

and once in a while, amidst all the hectic, a moment of silence, would be nice.
reminiscing about the past, learning, cherishing, the good and the bad, and just see how far we've gone n  how much we've achieved. but in the end, we still have to move on with life.

however, don't get lost along the way. keep true to your values, beliefs and prinsips.
just be YOU along the way.
you might make touch others along the way, and make a change to them, for the better...
no harm in trying, right?

a new year, a new chapter in our lives, of course all would like a good beginning, and may it continues until the very end.. and may our lives are full with changes, for the better
insyaAllah .. :)

“ Barangsiapa yang hari ini dia lebih baik dari semalam, maka dia dari kalangan mereka yanng beruntung. Barangsiapa yang hari ini dia sama seperti semalam, maka dia dari kalangan yang rugi. Barangsiapa yang hari ini dia, lebih teruk dari semalam, maka dia di kalangan orang yang celaka”
Mafhum Hadith Rasulullah SAW.

1 Jan 2012
resolutions, anyone?
for the better, insyaAllah.


  changes doesn't happen, just by hoping and wishing, but it does help...:)

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