Rain, rain, go away......

Ujian... Dugaan..
It does bring out the worst in people
Don't believe me??


"Uurggh! Where is my cellphone?"
A young lad cries out in despair
Trying to find it with all his might
From the top of the ceiling
till the lowest of the floors he searched
From the highest to the lowest,
the most east to the most west
Not a single space was left by the lad
Alas, his search was empty-handed

Even though the results, he didn't gave up
He kept searching
After some time, well.... he got tired
After all, he is human (like us all)

Nevertheless, he kept searching
Some thoughts, bad thoughts crept into his mind
They were just thoughts, nothing harmful

He suspected that maybe his cellphone was 'taken' by someone
The question remaining, by whom??
He thought and thought about it
But first he asked everyone of his family
Have they seen his cellphone
The question was replied with silence

So, he thought and thought,
and thought about it
And he came up that his brother took it
Since his brother was 'dying' to get a handphone
hence, he thought his brother was envious
This statement, however, had no proof what-so-ever

Yet, this lad didn't dare accuse his brother,
his oh-so-fearsome brother
For he was afraid of his brother
Thus, he remained in silence

Slowly, he began giving up
The despair of searching, fruitless
The bad assumptions in his head slowly eating him
No one took notice of his problems
No one was even concerned of him
He gave up

The bell rings (of course, what other sound could it be?)
"Bro, your friend came, he said he's sorry for borrowing your cellphone for too long"

He ran towards his brother (the one he assumed 'took' it)
And there it was
Well, he was really, really grateful


When we do something with all we've got
and it just looked like nothing changed
Emotions start to take over us
compared to our common sense and logic
When this happens
Everything seems to go wrong, seems so bad
We start giving up, become prejudiced, and revengeful to others

Allah looks at our effort, not our result
The result is all in Allah's hands
Our job, as humans, is just to do our best
and hope for the best to come
Besides, what we think is good for us, might not be
and we think is bad, might actually be good
We never know...
P/S:lebih pentingkan hasil = x rasa manisnya hasil usaha = STRESS

"Sangat menarik urusan seorang mukmin. Sungguh semua urusannya baik. Dan itu semua tidak dimiliki melainkan oleh oramg yang beriman. Bila dia diberi nikmat, dia bersyukur, maka itu baik baginya. Dan bila dia ditimpa oleh musibah dia bersabar, maka itu baik baginya." (HR Muslim)

For muslims, if he does things sincerely for Allah, then everything he does will be rewarded
How gracious of Allah......

P/S:Sorry 4 any lackings

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