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13 oct 09

last day of exam... can't wait for it to finish, only 2 papers left... after this.. MERDEKA!!!
Well the first paper went well, alhamdulillah. 2nd paper, somebody got/'t'kena sawan' That guy was right next to me!!
-Ya Allah, bantulah hamba-Mu ini m'hdpi dugaan ini-
He was bleeding, I could'nt saw him, his back was on me. The invigilators weren't much of a help, but it wasn't their fault, it was their first experience with someone who has 'sawan'
Well, pray to Allah may he heals quickly and sawan will go away, InsyaAllah

14 oct 09

well.... no more exam, nothing to do..... bored...Bored....BORED..
I slept almost half of school, nothing fun could be broughtto school, it was all 'illegal' stuff. (as they say)... welll.... thank goodness tomorrow we're all going home, just have to get through this day... and plan ahead.. shall we??

15 oct 09

no idea what's wrong today... it's as if almost everyone is stressed out. Shouldn't it be the other way around?? SShould'n we be enjoying this freedom after the exam (not so much though)
This is all because of that @#$&?!*..... (husnuzhan shall we? ^^) I hate seeing my friends cry.. Just because of that case, and the low cooperation from one part, almost everyone is crying..
I Hate this... I am so going to find out who is responsible for this, but I can't do it alone, we must stand together (me frenz and I) When I get that person red-handed, he is so going to pay (who am I to judge others?). Wrong of me, my friends name is ggoing to be clean, Insya Allah...
Wish me luck!! ^^

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