satu fiksi

Pagi itu indah. Bangun dia dari kamar melihat sinar mentari sedang menerjah biliknya, cerah. 
Cerah. Terangkat bibirnya. 

'Today is going to be a good day, insyaAllah'

The weather's been nice lately, but somehow, she wasn't as cheer-y. Although she wondered why, the answer seem to never reach her. Maybe she was so slow she couldn't catch up with it. Or maybe it was playing hide-and-seek with her, seeing what she'll do to find it. Whether she wants it bad enough. Either way, she's still confused, and not seem to be getting any nearer.

Nonetheless, she continued on. Every single day. Some things happened, good, bad, normal. Life. She was there, in all these, experiencing day-to-day life. And she was happy. She was sad. She was focused. She sometimes lost track of stuff. And she get back up again. Living.

Yet somehow, there was , something. missing. and it comes by every now and then, forcing her to stop on her tracks. She tries to deal with it, the best way she knows how. And when another day goes by that it doesn't occupy her mind, she's thankful for it. 

But a bird took notice. She wasn't, fully there. Her mind was somewhere, even she don't know where. Just floating. Though the bird chirped and chirped, she took no notice, for it was only a bird. But the bird was determined to make her see. So the bird keep on coming by to her window, chirping to her every morning when she wakes up; when the sun streaks into her room, filling it with a soft glow.  

Days passed. and more days passed.

And one day, while the bird was chirping, there was a smile on the girl's face. Not a big one. Just enough of a hint that she was enjoying it. That she took notice. That she was there. 
That she was fully, there. 

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