lukis di awan


Just a 5-minutes break from my homework, and I felt like I needed to get this out, write it down, paint the sky!

So that I won't forget (hopefully).

So what doyawanna paint ?

> cakesss and bakessss

On social media there's like A TON of people baking, and man they are gooddd. Like it's so visually stunning, I can feel water welling up into my mouth, picture after picture after picture, and it's flooded I need to gulp down to prevent over flow mann, these cakes!

But enough of them! Why not make them ? You're pretty good at baking, you just need to start putting some real thought and energy and time into it, okay? 

Your bakes are da bomb, so GO BIG GURL!

> my deen

The meaning of the word itself is 'way of life', so could you know how to practice your deen without learning about it, understanding it, and actually spending time to increase your knowledge, understanding, and practicing it; your way of life. Your belief. Your faith.

So spend some time. Make it consistent and not a one time thing so that you'll grow, albeit bit by bit, but you keep on moving. Forward inshaAllah.

Make goals. Realistic ones. Let it be small, but consistent. Learn.

And don't forget about the manual too. It's QUINTESSENTIALY ESSENTIALL. Read it daily, and do your other goals.

> habits

They say it takes 30 days to develop a habit. 
So do it step by step. 

What do you want to develop ?
Physical - jog @ exercise daily
Spiritual - your manual, daily
Mental - read the news, a book, about your line
Emotional - take time, to spend some time with others, and appreciate

So do one by one, for 30 days. Make a schedule so that you'll stick to it. Then after a month, add another habit.

Bit by bit. Little by little.
100 percent concentrated power of will.

> hand skills

After some thought, this felt like something that needs to be learn as you grow. This skills not only help cut costs since you're doing it by yourself, but you can be as creative as your imagination run free. So let's !

Handy dandy: sew, finance, it

So far these feels like I need to learn them. But there's no rush! Live still, and continue looking forward. 
So plan how, and when you're going to learn this handy dandy skills, and execute! 
Execute improvise plan execute!

And insyaAllah to more things to be seen, and done

If He wills

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful 

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