lame x bukak blog ni... bersawang-sawang, kena gotong-royong ni!
Sesungguhnya kebersihan itu sebahagian daripada iman...

Setelah 2 jam,

YATTA! finished finally... but there's something still missing.....
I haven't wrote for such a long time, I don't know what to write, for such a long time..

well, walking has been an eye-opener
but sometimes it felt that the more i see, the more i don't see
and the more i'm moving forward, the more i feel the road ahead is still long winding
and well, i don't really know..
maybe i'm just building up excuses for myself
while all the time knowing everyone feels the same way (maybe)
anyway, hoping for some clarity,
since maybe that's what i've never got
humans, we are..
yg dikejar tak dapat, yg dikendong berciciran
a friend of mine once said
Love what you Have, don't try to Have what you Love
but I believe,
Love what you Have, and still try to Have what you Love
it gives us ambition and strive for something
but still be grateful for what we have
*just an opinion*

alright, pray for me i'll write better next time
I'm just waking up from a long slumber.. ^-~

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