Stay Up or Not to Stay Up??

'Stay up' is a phrase, usually used for students who studies during the night, when they are supposed to sleep. Also known as 'burning the midnight oil'
(dunno if anywhere else in the world use it, but in Malaysia, in my place, we do use this term)
Well, the thing is, there are some people who likes to stay up, mostly when it is near their examinations. Is this okay??

I have tried, for 2 weeks to stay up. It's great in it's own way, because it's really quiet and you can focus really well because there's no distraction. But sometimes, you tend to get really sleepy, afterall, it is already midnight at that time.For people who are nocturnal, this way of studying suits them, since they are active at night. When I stayed up during those 2 weeks however, I had intensive classes during the day.

Well, my performance dropped little... by little... at first I didn't notice, but it was obvious when I flunked a language test, which was really easy as ABC!!
At first, I wondered why, maybe I hadn't studied alot lately on that subject, but it was common sense, and EVERYDAY LANGUAGE I use!!!

Well, crystal clear for me, I am not the type of person who is suitable to 'stay up'.
Others?? Dunno. Depends on oneself. Basically, you HAVE TO MANAGE TIME WELL.
Here are some articles for you to read.
Enjoy, hope this did some benefit. (or maybe no one even reads it)

Studying late night? It could affect performance

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